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Allergy Testing Protocol
Allergy testing generally takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

Younger children will require the assistance of parent or legal guardian during the entire testing procedure. Please – do not bring other siblings at time of testing of patient.

Please Note:  Children under age 18-years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

CANCELLATION OF TESTING: please give 7-days to notice to this office/Allergy Department.


1.   Wear a sleeveless, or loose-fitting shirt.  Testing is done on upper arms (elbow to shoulder area).

 Numerous dilutions of various antigens will be injected under the skin to determine your allergies.

2. Eat something light:  No restrictions of food or fluids before testing.

3. COMPLETE ALLERGY QUESTIONNAIRE (both sides) and give to Allergy Nurse at time of testing.


1. ANTIDEPRESSANTS – (Tricyclic) – discontinue 7-days before testing. 

2. ANTIHISTAMINES – discontinue 7-days prior to testing (examples: Allegratm, Claritintm, Zyrtectm, Etc.)

                + (including over  counter drugs as Alleresttm, Benadryltm, Dristantm, Tavisttm, Tylenol Sinustm, Etc.)
                + Exceptions:  Entextm, Robitussin PEtm, Rutuss DEtm, Sudafedtm, Zephrex LAtm.

3. BETA BLOCKERS – (Adrenergic) – discontinue 7-days before testing.

       See chart for list of generic and brand names of drugs.

4. CORTISONE - “Cortisone Therapy” – oral/injection – discontinue 4-8 weeks depending on the type taken.

      EXAMPLES: Aristocorttm, Celestonetm, Corteftm, Decadrontm, Deltasonetm, Depo-Medroltm, Hydrocortonetm, Kenacorttm, Kenalogtm, Medroltm, Prednisone, Solu-Medrotml.

5. CREAMS -   with cortisone – to upper arms – discontinue 2-3 weeks prior to testing.

   EXAMPLES: Cortaidtm Cream, Hydrocortisone Cream, etc.

6. INJECTION (allergy) - discontinue 7-days before testing.


1. NASAL SPRAYS OR INHALERS* - (with/without steroid).

 *Note: bring with you – May need during testing!

2. OPHTHALMIC (EYE) DROPS – (with/without Beta-Blocker).

3. Routine daily medications – except as listed above.

CANCELLATION OF TESTING: please give 7-days to notice to this office/Allergy Department.

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