After Sinus Surgery Care
After Endoscopic sinus surgery, the intranasal mucosal membranes are inflamed and undergoing healing. Many of the care steps involve minimizing trauma to these tissues. Mild nasal congestion is common. If additional nasal surgery was performed (septoplasty, rhinoplasty) additional restrictions and longer healing times will apply.

  • Avoid lifting heavy items (more than 25 pounds) for the next week or so.
  • No vigorous nose blowing.
  • Avoid strenous work or exercise for the next week or so. Activity may be resumed when Dr. Chu has ”cleared” you to do so.
  • Avoid allergens during the healing period.
  • Avoid use of aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or Aleve for at least one week after the surgery. If you are not sure, please call the office.
  • Use nasal saline to keep the mucosa moist. This can be used several times a day, or more often if the nasal passages feel blocked.
  • A gentle application of bacitracin ointment with a Q-tip three or four times a day can also help.
  • If Dr. Chu has recommended nasal saline irrigation therapy, then follow the instructions for making the saline, or use the premixed packs available from the office or pharmacy.
  • Keep follow up office appointments.

If a nose bleed develops, nasal congestion and pressure or any problems you are unsure of, please call Dr. Chu at 320-9915.

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