Care After Parotidectomy Surgery
Surgery of the parotid gland does not result in significant pain, but there can be some discomfort in the neck region with actvitiy. Routine wound care is recommended as discussed in wound care


 Please do not scratch the incision areas around the ear. The incision will itch, indicting the area is healing. If you have exposed stitches, please apply the ointment, that Dr. Chu has prescribed, at least twice a day. The goal is to keep the suture moist with the ointment, so it can heal properly.

 To best apply the ointment, use a Q-tip™ to remove previously applied ointment and reapply a fresh layer with a new Q-tip™.


No strenous activity or heavy lifting (more than 25 lbs.) This restriction is often lifted after a few weeks, but Dr. Chu would like to see you before recommending returning to activity.

Notfiy Dr. Chu if:

  • Pain increases, or is not readily relieved with pain medications
  • Redness, increased swelling or drainage from the incision line develops
  • Temperature above 101 degrees Farenheit for 24 hours
  • Inability to close the eye, facial drooping or drooling, if not present prior to discharge from the hospital.

Frey’s Syndrome (gustatory sweating):

This is a common problem after parotid surgery.  This is related to nerve endings that normally go to the salivary gland grow into the sweat glands and results in sweat beading up in the area of the surgery.  If this develops,Dr. Chu will discuss with you methods of trying to minimize the side effect from surgery.

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